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• Receive containers of slings.

• Visually inspect and cull bad/damaged slings.

• Wind slings to smallest form.

• All operations conducted inside and under roof to keep slings as dry as possible.

• Palletize slings with plywood on top of package, shrink wrap and Cari strap palletized slings for maximum stability.

• Pallets are heat treated pallets to meet customs regulations.

• Loaded into containers 2 pallets high, 2 pallets wide, and 5 pallets deep.

• 20 pallets per 20’ container with 4” dead space at top of container and 2” dead space at doors.

• Average container weight, depending on strap size is 38,000 to 46,000 lbs.

• Pre-sling of loaded pallets available if loading into open top container for ease of discharge on vessels.

• Deliver dumpster shipside the day before arrival of vessel.

• Calling and managing contact with U.S. Customs and Agriculture Departments.

• Discharge off port 24 hours a day as cleared by authorities.

• Transport to our facility for disposal/recycling

• Dump fees charged as necessary by the ton for disposal of non recyclable product.

• Branding of plastic, wood and rubber items.

• Items can be branded with your company logo and up to a six digit serial number.

• All branding includes a roster/control sheet showing the date branded, the serial number and description of item branded at no additional charge.

• Quick turn around time on most projects.

Airbags (Rubber)-

• Receive containers of Rubber Airbags.

• Testing of airbags at 5 lbs. of air for 16 hours.

• Cold or hot patch mending and repairing of holes.

• Replace valve stems as needed.

• Replace whole stems as needed.

• Disposal of non repairable airbags as necessary for dumping fees.

• Palletize, shrink wrap, and Cari strap on heat treated pallets with plywood on top of each loaded pallet for strong and safe shipment.
Airbags (Poly), Poly Nets, Poly Boards-

• Poly Airbags tested and recouped; palletized or crated as directed by customer.

• Poly Nets and Poly Boards recouped; palletized or crated as directed by customer.

• If palletized all pallets are heat treated and Cari strapped.
Sandblasting and Repainting-

• Sandblasting in contained system available for items under 73” in length, 73” in width, and 48” in height.

• Sandblasting outside of contained system for additional charge.

• Apply epoxy primer and epoxy paint to sandblasted items as directed by customer.

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